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Who wants to Field Day?

Gina and I are planning to attend.
I went ahead and reserved enough space for 6 tents in a super-prime area. (I have been camping here since my teens.)
I will count you for one of them.

If anyone else is interested, reach out to me at [email protected]

Good Photos of the Park Here...

I have booked sites for 6 tents.
Please reach out to me for a spot.
[email protected]

I have stayed here many times and these are prime real-estate.

These sites stay in the shade pretty much all day and offer fantastic antenna opportunities.

Once we figure out who is going, we can start planning meals, radio, and activities.

I usually take a trip to the nearby overlook to spy the Brown Mountain Lights each time we go.


I will be making fried chicken for campers on Saturday.
RSVP soon.
(The legend is true)

I will attend for a day. I may bring the satellite tracking equipment so we can work amateur radio satellites.