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Carolina Storm Spotters Net

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Net is on 444.450 @ 8pm Friday

Hello W4CQ members and Officers,
We are a Storm Spotting and Chasing team named the Carolina Storm Spotters. Here at CSS, we are excited that you have chosen to be open to a partnership with our team! To tell you a little about us, we are an experienced group with almost 10 years together; however, some of us have been in the storm spotting field for decades. Some of us have worked with big-named storm spotters and some of us are just starting out. We consider ourselves family. We are dedicated to providing the best weather coverage possible for the Carolinas (both North and South Carolinas), and educating, promoting, and motivating people about weather safety.
Currently, we mainly use Facebook Messenger for text/messaging communications, and we use a free Smartphone app called Zello to talk with each other real-time when we are out in the field chasing. We also have a few of our members that are Ham and/or GMRS radio operators. We report what we see directly to the National Weather Service Meteorologists via the NWS Chat application real-time. We will post links below for our Facebook Messenger Chat and our Zello Chat so that you may begin to start chatting with us if you would like. Here are some links to reach us below:
Our Facebook page: CSS Facebook Page (
Our Facebook Discussion Group: CSS Discussion Group (
Our Official Website: CSS Website (
Our Facebook Messenger Chat room: CSS Messenger Chat ( (Must be a FB Group member to join)
Our Zello walkie-talkie app real-time chat: CSS Zello Channel ( (We use to talk during live storm chases)